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How are Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts in its capacty of owner of the website cookies used?

Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts cookies are used in order to ensure functional running of the website and enhance your experience of using website. Besides, Google Analytics is used for the purpose of providing statistics on visitors online. How doesAytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts use third party cookies? Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts uses Google Analytics being a website analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses the cookies with a view to analyzing how visitors use the website by means of statistical data / reports. For more information regarding use of Google Analytics (including options of refusal), you may visit the following address:

Cookie Management

Following the steps given below based on the type of your internet browser; you may obtain information on cookies and exercise your right of permission or refusal: Google Chrome: Clicking on the “symbol key” or the letter “i” contained in the “section address” of your browser; you may permit or block the cookies from the tab “Cookie”. Internet Explorer: Click on the tab “Security” from the section “Tools” contained on the upper right-hand corner of your browser and realize your cookie management as “allow” or “do not allow”. Mozilla Firefox: Click on the tab “open the menu” contained on upper right-hand corner of your browser. Clicking on the visual “Options”, perform your cookie management using the button “Privacy and Security”. For other browsers (like opera, Microsoft edge), you may examine the pages ‘help’ or ‘support’ on the relevant browser. Safari: You may choose the tab “safari” from the section “Settings” of your phone and ensure the management of all cookies from the section “Privacy and Security”. Along with the options given above, in order to know about all cookies and manage cookies, you may visit the address, or use the app “Privacy Badger” at the address: (

Types of Cookies

Types of Cookies by Duration of Use: Session cookies and persistent cookies are used on the website run by Doğuş Otel by duration of use. Session cookie ends when you shut down your browse while persistent cookies remain for a long time or an indefinite period of time on your hard disk. “third party cookies” are used on the website run byAytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts by the party setting the cookie.Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts cookies are managed when they are formed byAytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts while third party cookies are managed by third party firms with which we cooperate. Types of Cookies by their Intended Use: Technical cookies are used on the website run byAytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts by their intended use. Technical cookies are those cookies that are necessary for running the website. Statistics Cookies: Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are text files with tiny bits of information that are downloaded by your Internet browser upon your visit toAytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts websites and that are stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts shall collect, process, disclose to third parties, and securely store your visit details in order to give better services to its visitors, to help its visitors and members to take advantage of their membership and to fulfil its statutory obligations, provided that such data shall not be used for any purpose or scope other than the one defined in this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy. Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts monitors details about your tour around the site and/or your membership usage history on the site in order to customize promotions for you, to offer promotions and marketing campaigns and to improve the contents of the web site according to you and/or to identify your preferences Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts uses session cookies and permanent cookies at its web site and mobile site. Session cookies will terminate when you close down your browser, whereas permanent cookies stay on your hard disc for a long time. You may delete permanent cookies and you may reject both session cookies and permanent cookies by following the instructions set out in the “help” file of your browsers or by visiting “” or and you may continue to use the web site or mobile site but you may not have any access or may have restricted access to all functions offered by the web site or the mobile site. How does “Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts” use third party cookies for advertisements and retargeting? Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts may also use cookies to activate “Advertisement Technology” to offer you those advertorials that may be interesting to you in our opinion during your visit to search engines, “ web site or mobile site and/or web site that posts ads. Advertisement Technology uses such details collected from your previous visits to the web sites/mobile sites in which “Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts” posts ads to offer you customized or exclusive ads. While offering these ads, it may place third party cookies to your browser so that “Aytaç Bilgin Elele Boutique Aparts hotels websites ” will know you. Our sites or mobile sites also uses Google Analytics and Google Adwords, which is a web analysis service offered by Google, Inc (“Google”). Google Analytics and Google Adwords use cookies to analyze how visitors use the web site/mobile site. Details about your use of this web site/mobile site (including your IP address) shall be transferred to and safely stored by Google. Google will use such data to evaluate your use of the web site/mobile site; to collect web site/mobile site operations and to provide other services in relation to the use of web site/mobile site and Internet use. But it will not match your IP address with other data stored by Google. For more information about the use by Analytics, please visit the following link:
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