Cancellation and Return Agreement

Cancellation and Return Agreement:

For cancellations on the part of the Consumer, made 14 days prior to the start of accommodation date, the fee shall be paid back to the consumer, with no charges; reservation cancellations not made in due time, shall be subject to a payment of the full price. The consumer declares, accepts and undertakes that for reservations with no refund, the fee shall not be returned; that in such cases if the consumer requests a cancellation fee, it shall not be applied and s/he shall pay total agreement fee to Elele Boutique Aparts.

In case of a demand from the Consumer on changing the service, under the condition that this change is approved by Elele Boutique Aparts, the Consumer is liable to pay immediately, as soon as his/her request of change is approved, the price difference between previous and actual service.

However, if the price of the new service is lower than the previous one, then Elele Boutique Aparts shall pay the difference back to the Consumer.

Any medical conditions of the Consumer or his/her first degree relatives, which coincide with the period of 10 days of his/her accommodation and prevent him/her to do so, shall be accepted as to cancel the reservation, under the condition that it is proved by an official medical report obtained from a fully equipped state hospital or by a justifying document in case of death; and except the obligatory taxes, duties and charges arising from similar legal liabilities and the fees paid to the third parties which can be documented but not possible to be taken back, the fee paid by the Consumer shall be paid back to him/her.

Under these circumstances, medical report and other documents shall be presented before the commencement of the service. In case the Consumer informs in written that s/he shall take the accommodation which s/he missed the commencement date; Elele Boutique Aparts shall be untitled to cancel all reservations and services on the name of the consumer after 24 hours.

No price return is in subject to the consumer in such cancellations.

Elele Boutique Aparts accepts credit cards of VISA and MASTERCARD for payments; and preserves the right of withdraw the full amount before arrival.

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